AutoMate is a tool that helps you solve exercises on finite state automata and regular expressions by checking whether your answers are correct and giving you feedback.

Exercises cover tasks such as

  • giving an automaton or a regular expression modelling a regular language

  • giving a regular expression equivalent to the given automaton

  • determinization and minimization of an automaton

  • When you submit your solution, AutoMate gives you a PDF with correction and grading of each task. In case of an incorrect answer, you get a hint explaining what went wrong.

    The way you write down your solutions is simple and easy to use. You can find information about how to write an automaton, a regular expression, and how to submit your solutions in the tutorial.

    You can also use AutoMate simply to draw an automaton.

    AutoMate is a recently developed tool and needs your help for testing to improve its quality. If you found a bug, need assistance, or want to contribute, just write an email

    @ : leon dot gondelman gmail dot com